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The Leonardo high-pressure technology is one of the best and hottest laydown tanning beds you will find. It has a lot of gentle, high-pressure tanning power and is guaranteed not to burn. Our advanced technology provides the absolute best bronze tan available in a laydown bed today. The Leonardo tanning bed uses 27 x 800-watt high-pressure bulbs and 3 x 1000-watt facial tanners to provide a beautiful brown color that is gentle and long-lasting. You will be able to tan less often and still maintain your beautiful color. It builds the best possible tan and gives you a beautiful brown, long-lasting tan in fewer sessions than ever.

Our Leonardo tanning bed allows you to experience a feeling of openness and freedom. There are no doors or walls, just a wonderful feeling of openness and light. You'll love the feeling of being on the beach, with lots of air and light and without the claustrophobic feel of smaller, closed-in tanning beds.

At Tiki Tan, we believe in providing our customers with the best tanning experience possible. Our Leonardo service is equipped with dual cooling fans, ensuring that you are comfortable and cool throughout your tanning session. So why wait? Visit Tiki Tan today and experience the incredible results of our Leonardo tanning service.

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