Queen Berry

Queen Berry

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Our Queen Berry tanning service is fit for a queen, with a design that is both powerful and beautiful. Just like a true monarch, the S-55 Queen Berry is the epitome of luxury and power, and it has the power it takes to cast a royal tan.

Our Queen Berry tanning service comes equipped with four 400-watt facial tanners and 42 high-tech lamps, ensuring that you get the perfect tan. It has a maximum exposure schedule of 12 minutes, which is plenty of time to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting tan. The 42 lamps include 160W and 180W UV lamps, providing a range of wavelengths to ensure an even tan.

We understand that comfort is important, and that's why our Queen Berry tanning model comes with dual cooling fans for both your body and face. Additionally, it has full air conditioning, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout your tanning session.

At Tiki Tan, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best tanning experience possible. Our Queen Berry tanning service is the perfect choice for those who want a luxurious and effective tanning experience. So why wait? Visit Tiki Tan today and experience the incredible results of our Queen Berry tanning service.

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