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Our Flirt Level 3 tanning service is the perfect choice for those looking for an attractive and long-lasting tan. This tanning model will wrap you in its crescent tanning shell, caressing your body with its sexy-cool blue and yellow flirt design—it's definitely what you've been dreaming of!

Our Flirt Level 3 tanning service is designed to give you maximum exposure with a 15-minute maximum exposure schedule. This tanning bed has 40 x 160W and 120W UV lamps, which will provide you with a beautiful and even tan. It also has 3 x 400-watt facial tanners, which will help you achieve an even tan on your face.

We understand that comfort is important, and that's why our Flirt Level 3 tanning model comes with 3 power settings for the foot fan. This feature ensures that you are comfortable and cool throughout your tanning session.

At Tiki Tan, we strive to provide our customers with the best tanning experience possible. Our Flirt Level 3 tanning service is perfect for those who want a long-lasting and attractive tan. So why wait? Visit Tiki Tan today and experience the incredible results of our Flirt Level 3 tanning service.

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